About Us

Pyrodigital™ Malta provides pyrotechnic display professionals with quality rental services, show design and support. These services are focused on the ultimate success of the clients’ shows through state of the art reliable equipment and recommended best practices for show configuration and execution. 

The impeccable reputation of reliability of the Pyrodigital™ system, and the quality and variety of the choreographic possibilities that it offers, make it a tool of choice for the most impsssortant fireworks companies and theme parks around the world. The most prestigious displays worldwide are displayed with the Pyrodigital™ technology, from the Statue of Liberty, to Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Pyramids of Giza, several Gold Jupiters in Montréal, world famous theme parks, Universal Studios and many more.

Our shows are designed using Visual Show Director 7. Visual Show Director is the best professional software tool for designing innovative pyrotechnic and multimedia events, as well as virtual fireworks presentations. It is used in the most important tenders for large fireworks shows worldwide.

Pyrodigital™ Malta has as its main aim to make pyrotechnic displays more exact and entertaining and at the same time, easier and less worrisome. Pyrodigital™ Malta believes that the purpose of pyrotechnic display productions is the enjoyment for the audience as well as those behind the show. 

Our technical support can also insure that your show is as uncomplicated and entertaining as possible. Our well-trained employees can assist you in almost any possible way. Pyrodigital™ Malta can do anything from helping with a simple problem to managing an entire show. Our goal is to provide you with the best service to insure that your program executes beyond your expectations.

Pyrodigital™ Malta provides only rental of equipment and show support. If you are interested in purchasing equipment found on this website you are kinldy asked to contact our main suppliers www.infinityvisions.com and www.pyrodigital.com