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Long-range wireless, securely encoded with password protection, world-renowned ruggedness and reliability. What you need in a firing system Read More

SSupport Reliability & Solutions

Pyrodigital™ technology has been Implemented for large projects including the; Statue of Liberty, to Eiffel Tower in Paris and The Pyramids of Giza

VVariety of Possibilities

Wireless solutions, choreographic designs,
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Pyrodigital™ Malta provides pyrotechnic display professionals with quality rental services, show design and support. These services are focused on the ultimate success of the clients’ shows through state of the art reliable equipment and recommended best practices for show configuration and execution. 

The impeccable reputation of reliability of the Pyrodigital™ system, and the quality and variety of the choreographic possibilities that it offers, make it a tool of choice for the most impsssortant fireworks companies and theme parks around the world. The most prestigious displays worldwide are displayed with the Pyrodigital™ technology, from the Statue of Liberty, to Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Pyramids of Giza, several Gold Jupiters in Montréal, world famous theme parks, Universal Studios and many more.

Pyrodigital™ Malta provides only rental of equipment and show support. For purchase of equipment kindly contact our partners click here


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