Visual Show Director

Show Director was the first multimedia choreography software since 1995. Show Director has a worldwide reputation as the fastest and most relaible software architecture for pyrotechnic choreography. It is used in all the major theme parks, large international events and has won more Gold Jupiters in the Montreal International competition than any other design tool: 18 Gold, 9 Silver and 7 Bronze Jupiters.
Visual Show Director is the best professional software tool for designing innovative pyrotechnic and multimedia events, as well as virtual fireworks presentations. It is used in the most important tenders for large fireworks shows worldwide. Visual Show Director offers you more than any other software with the most complete set of tools available in the market to enhance your creative experience. You can create fireworks, special effects, lasers, light beams, image projections, object animation, multiple 3D sites, 3D stereoscopic in real time and video render, and more...

New VSD 7, includes a NEW FX Generator 4D interface, a NEW Particle Generator application to make your 3D effects and Particles look like no other and with enhanced realism. VSD7 is the most advanced professional solution for large shows that require large amounts of positions in a 3D environment. The only software that can animate and move objects with fireworks and generate light-laser beams and image projections.


visual show director